The 10 Best SEO Forums

What is SEO and Why is it Important?

On-page SEO

Off-page SEO

Technical SEO

  • You have relevant content
  • You have high Page Authority
  • Your website is secure
  • Your website is fast
  • You implement technical SEO best practices

Why Join an SEO Forum?

Information is Free

Branding Opportunities

Expanding Your Network

Which SEO Forums Are the Best?

  • Active. If all members are engaged, it will reduce the probability of questions being left unanswered. So, any posts in any categories should be equally important and discussable.
  • Well structured. Clear categories will help forum members find certain issues or the right threads easier.
  • Well-moderated. Moderation not only helps the members solve any activity issues but also prevents forum misuse

1. Google Webmaster Help Community

  • Owned and managed by Google
  • Great search features
  • Only four preset categories

2. Warrior Forum

  • Access to digital marketing courses
  • Access to internet marketing tools
  • More forum related benefits
  • It has a beginners area
  • It is an all-around forum
  • You need to pay for more access

3. SEO Chat Forums

  • Great categories
  • Straightforward navigation
  • If privacy matters to you, the Not Secure sign might draw you back

4. V7N Webmaster Forum

  • Free
  • No subcategory under SEO would be a bit difficult
  • Similar to SEO Chat Forum, the Not Secure warning needs consideration

5. Wicked Fire

  • Forum icon indicator for new posts
  • SEO discussions are scattered on many categories

6. Digital Point

  • Vast amounts of discussions
  • Great category management
  • At times has registration issues

7. Black Hat World

  • They have positive ratings for members
  • Vast options of categories other than SEO
  • Black hat SEO techniques are frowned upon and might impact the reputation

8. Reddit (SEO section)

  • Popular platform with great moderation
  • Easy to post
  • No categories within r/SEO

9. Quora

  • Popular
  • Easy to ask and answer
  • Not a category-based forum




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