Adopting Endangered Animals on the Blockchain for Fun and Profit

Finally, it seems some good may be coming out of this NFT hysteria.

What has been, up until now, nothing but kids trading baseball cards for fun online quickly became not just highly profitable but also potentially beneficial for the outside world.

In at least one case a cute little three year old gorilla is being auctioned off as we speak on OpenSea. Supposedly 100% of the initial “adoption fee” goes to the organization that put the little guy up for sale, in this case the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund. Then for every subsequent sale 10% goes to The donation is written in the blockchain, so no matter how many times the “token” is traded or for how much, 10% is set to be donated.

Of course this is something traditional funds can never do. A person is able to hold an animal for as long as they want and then at no cost sell the NTF and effectively make another donation. It might be unreasonable to think that every endangered animal may one day have an NFT but is they did, how much better would they be cared for? In essence, building a long term (life-long) funding paradigm.

This would probably only AT BEST work for our most enigmatic animal friends. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a panda or blue whale for for a few thousand someday but the coral or sea slugs that need just as much attention may continue to be left behind the blockchain hysteria. aims to help your find your next favorite audiobook while encouraging you to share your reviews. 🎧 🎧 🎧